Will : Hope for the best, Prepare for the worst

By gaganyatri


I, SSS, current resident at Bonn(Full Address) of sane mind and without external pressure declare my will as below to be executed on my death.

I bequeath my hard currency, Bank FDs, Company Shares, Bank Accounts, Books and proceeds from Life Insurance, email and social media accounts. to the following persons and according to below rules.

  1. from the proceeds of LIC Term Insurance of Rs. 1Cr.
    • 37.5 % amount to be utilised towards the education of Ms. SSS (Sister) and her future progeny. The amount to be kept as Fixed deposits at Hubli. The interest accruing monthly/yearly to be used for her daily expenses as a student. The FD to be only broken to pay for fees if all other options like loan etc., are unavailable.
    • 25 % amount to be utilised towards medical and living expenses of Smt. SSS (Mother) and Shri SMS (Father) The amount to be kept as Fixed deposits at Hubli. The interest accruing monthly/yearly to be used for expenses.
    • 25 % amount to be utilised as donation towards VidyaPoshak in the name of “Smt S and Shri SMS Educational Fund”. The amount to be kept as Fixed deposits at SBI, Keshwapur. Hubli. The interest accruing monthly/yearly to be paid as donation.
    • 12.5 % amount to be utilised for settlement of loans/debts taken by me (SSS). The debts as of 11 Feb 2019 would be
    • SMS : Rs. 5 Lakhs towards repayment of German Blocked account for M.S
    • SSS : Rs. 2 Lakhs towards repayment of German Blocked account for M.S
    • Axis Bank Personal Loan : Rs. 1,78,000 towards repaymen for loan taken for M.S
    • SBI Car Loan : Rs. 9,81,000 towards repayment of car loan for Maruti S-Cross
    • HK : Euro 795 , expected to be repaid by March 1 2019 as part of PF settlement.
  2. To maintain a single bank account at SBI personal banking branch at Keshwapur, hubli with the A/C No. as ZZZ, and close the below the accounts after transferring amount to above mentioned account

    • Germany
      • Commerzbank : Tannenbusch
        • Account 1
        • Account 2
      • Comdirect
        • Account 1
        • Account 2
        • Prepaid Card
      • Transferwise
        • Account
        • Prepaid Card
      • PayPal Account
    • India
      • Axis bank
        • Account
        • Credit Card
      • SBI
        • Account2
        • Credit Card
  3. To create FD at SBI Bank in the name of Suma S Shetty (Mother), after maturity of Tax Saving FD’s at AXIS Bank for Rs. 1,00,000, below are account numbers and maturity dates * Account 1 * Account 2 * Account 3
  4. I state that i do not hold any jewellery and property i.e land or buildings
  5. My collection of 250+ books, i bequeath to SSS(Sister) , she is requested to keep the books relevant to her and donate the rest of the books to my alma mater St Mary’s High School in the name of “Smt S and Shri SMS”
  6. As i Feb 11 2019, i hold 75 shares of EFI Ltd. A tranche of 25 shares will be available to divest each year. Each year the matured shares are to be sold at prevailing market value and the proceeds to be created as FD at SBI Bank. The accrued interest to be utilised for St Mary’s School Hubli to buy Robin Sharma Books for Moral Science Class Toppers.
  7. Ecommerce affiliate accounts at * flipkart.com * amazon.in
  8. Kindle Publisher Account at * amazon.com
  9. Google Play developer account * Slabstech
  10. Email Accounts and social media accounts to be handled in the below manner * 4 Personal Gmail accounts * 1 Official Gmail Slabstech account * 1 Personal Github Account * 1 Official Github Account * 1 Personal Twitter Account * 1 Official Twitter Account * 1 Personal Facebook Account * 1 Personal LinkedIn Account * 1 Official LinkedIn Account * 1 personal GithLab Account * 1 Personal UniBonn Account * 1 Personal Windows Account
  11. Library account at Bonn City
  12. MENSA card for UniBonn Activities
  13. Royalty from books published from Amazon, to be kept in S.B Account for travel only.

Update to will on 25 June 2019 Will be attested shortly

  • Debts to the below entities
    • HK : Euro 795 pending
  • Cleared Debts to
    • CR : Rs. 22.5 K

Update to will on 04 May 2019 Will be attested shortly

  • Paid debts to the below entities
    • CR : Rs. 25500 pending
    • RL : All loans cleared
    • HK : Euro 695 pending

Update to will on March 17 2019 Will be attested shortly

LIC Term insurance

  • Increasing donation pledge by 12.5% to VidyaPoshak Ngo, dharwad. Current pledge is now 25 % of the proceeds of 1 Cr. This 12.5% is towards S Labs foundation matching contribution towards VidayPoshak fundraiser initiated on Mar 17 2019
  • Decreasing share by 12.5% for education of Ms. SSS (sister ). Current total share is 37.5 % .