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Today is the day

Completing 27 summers.

Milestone no. 27 just passed by, time they say Never forgives. Few times its good, few times horrible than anything. All that you learn (If you learn, at all) is that everythin will pass. That’s the reason we’ve the phrase ‘Today is a Present :P”. So enjoy the max when times are good, when the chips are down and all hope seems lost, just remember, Even this will pass.

Many of us are confined to our lives ( mostly happy to be in our comfort zone ). We sometimes blame others for our misery but then take the entire credit when we hit a jackpot. Remember, we get to live only once (Re-incarnation works too, but then we return with a formatted memory card & have to start all over again). I dare you to remove the self constraints, Go out, see the world, take a trip down the famed cobblestones ( Be careful, if ur on your phone, ull end up in the gutter :P). You will start living again , hoping again for a new tomorrow. (Caution : plan your trips safely, it can be troblesome for the uninitiated ).

To be contd.. Complete post by Nov 18.