Vishnuvina Talme irali, adare narasimhana ugra maribeda

To all the people, who are making a joke of their education by spreading illogical news, dividing people based on caste, religion and whatever the heck that divided us before.

All kid gloves are off,

I started writing the blog series on Gandhi Jayanthi,

Borrowing the lines from Captain Marvel, I have not started the war, but i will finish it.

In this 21st century, when all the facts are available online,

lets us join hands to build a great country to be a beacon of hope to the world, whatever happened in the past cannot be changed, but this is our time,

Lets us not be a prisoner of our birth, Each of us, need to be the best version of ourselves.

Beware of the scorpion, its sting will hurt and and it wont be comfortable anymore. Now that u have pushed it against the wall, its only a matter of time when it stings