The Special One

The Special One

Life was like,

 a rudderless ship,

Just moving around,

 but not going anywhere,

Like a gale wind,

 with full fury,

She entered my life,

 bringing with her the mighty waves,

for some time,

  i was tossed around,

like a fish,

   on a rock,

Only Then i understood,

  the meaning of her intrusion,

She was here,

  to show me the way,

A light tower,

 in the rough seas,

A source of inspiration,

 to fight for survival,

There were days,

when all hope was lost,

morale was sinking low

 without her in sight,

for days.

   she would disappear,

increasing the agony

with The game of hide & seek ,

increased by the expectations for a better tomorrow

  Her presence ,

always lifted the soul,

 Giving hope & love in plenty

A sight,

to behold for eternity.