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Somewhere/somehow humanity has died a slow death, most of us including me have given up at the state of humanity. We’ve convinced ourselves that as individual we are insignificant and that we cannot make any difference. Even in a developed country like Germany in major cities like frankfurt/berlin we can still see the despair. Not that the country is not doing anything, it has taken the highest number of refugees from places of conflict, i can easily say that the country has failed, but what makes a country. A country is made up by all the people.

So the next time, u see something wrong happening, before criticising and blaming all the people and everyone else in the world, think for sometime , What do we do ? What can i as an individual do, to remove or alleviate the problem.

It is easy to comment on social media, with high speed internet, having a drink in hand and something to munch from the delivery that u ordered from a hotel.

How far will we let bad things to continue ?

Are we morally dead inside ?

When you see a problem, before commenting anything.

Think, use the education that u have paid a ransom for the certificate.

Be part of the solution