Saving Art


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Everytime u do something,

Scan it for safekeeping.

Thats the rule in our department,

every day work has to be committed to online repository,

so that no work is lost.

Scan all ur sketches with a scanner.

So that all sketches are catalogued

and then you should send it to galleries for exhibit.

People who like the sketches can download them

and maybe if they are generous enough,

make a contribution.

U can use the contribution to get drawing aids or donate to a known charity.

Imagine the monalisa being hidden in a cellar because the artist thought that he had to have a good amount of images.

It would not have inspired anyone other than a few spiders,

Accordingly, art has to be shared with the world.

The artist should only do what he wants,

Sketch something and forget it. Move on to the next one.

Just a suggestion.