We all are mortal beings, but most live like we are immortal.

What legacy will one leave behind,

According to Murphy’s Law, if anything is supposed to go wrong, it will go wrong.

Now, i know that i am not immortal, After surviving 2 near death experiences already, i have to prepare for life after death.

Like the pandavas, who gave up everything before their last journey and left the reins of the kingdom and family in the right hands.

I dont know my expiry date, but ive taken the time to provide instructions of what i leave behind.

All the entrepreneurs, the royal families have a separate trust fund/company which will execute their will on their death.

Now, i have not amassed a fortune to pay for trust, i’ve done the next best option.

I’Ve prepared my Will , so that people dont fight over things , like we see in everyday that have destroyed families.

What use is education or reading books, if i do not walk the talk.

Thinking about my legacy and eventual death, has given a new dimension to my thinking and it is a reality check.

So those of you, who care about your family, who care about your legacy. Prepare your will, You will know what you have to do .

Hope for the best, But prepare for the worst