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is doing an amazing work to uplift the society

It supports young students from impoverished backgrounds with training and financial support for their education

Still there is a lot to be done .

We cannot expect the government or someone else to do something

If we should be called as humans then all poverty should be abolished through dignity of work and practical

Mahatma Gandhi’s Dream was of Independent India , Where every citizen mattered

Today i start i fundraiser for quality education

We need a revolution

I also raise the stakes of the donation

To every contribution you make to the Donation fundraiser

I promise to match it in equal within 6 months .

If u donate Rs. 100 , i will donate Rs. 100

If u donate Rs.1 Lakh, i will donate Rs. 1 Lakh

To honour my promise. I have updated my will and increased my contribution to VidyaPoshak to 25% of my 1cr Term Insurance Proceeds

They say charity begins at home.

I personally start with Rs. 1000 as first donation to the fundraiser

donate to the campaign