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Paradoxical Woman Empowerment

The ones who make fun of people who revert places to its original name

Who talk about equal rights

  • Why does the girl have to change her name after marriage ? There is simply so much bureaucracy. Dont u have a life to live.

  • Why is there even a gender column in forms ? Are they taking sperms or eggs when u apply for phone connection ?

  • When did marriage become a requirement in life ? Its like u need to 10th pass for govt job

We are the future

When your kids ask you these very questions ?

what answer do u have ?

They say, 42 is the answer

But What are the questions

We need more independent thinkers, more solvers

Think differently

Read books of personalities

Learn how they become extraordinary from ordinary

The world anyway a excess critics for every thing

Ask the right questions ?

Dont be a sheeple

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand is a (and my) life changing book

Must Read for those trying to find meaning in their life