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Bumblebee Origins

This blog series, contains the learning from the Humanoid Robots Lab(HRL) at Uni-Bonn.

Also this would lead me to build my Bumblebee, even the thought of building a robot gives Goosebumps entire day.

Today starts the first steps of my very own Bumblebee. Someone great has told “Transformers’s Lets Roll “:P.
Its time to be the master creator of Transformers . That one dream/challenge that used to make everthing happy when i was 13/14, i wanted to build a flying plane that would split the Awesome fighter Aircraft of Swat Kats( Psst. Cognitive Robots Labs ).The endless, countless , on a repeat loop of watching the transformers movie series and reading the comics, finally makes sense. See there is something called Good TV addiction .:P:P.

Skipping a Beat

Heart skipped a beat when the Nao Robot stood up when it was switched off. It was(will be my pet robot) the best feeling ever (next to the Falcon Heavy Landing) watching a lifeless machine come to life. (Thank You Everyone who built the Robot with such love and care, the effort put in by the people is enormous. It is the beauty of OpenSource tech) . The small kid in me was delirious with happiness and literally had to wipe off a tear of Joy ( All this while the instrucotor was giving a demo). It was like someting on the lines of meeting your superhero.

The Ride of a Lifetime

Coming to study in Germany. There was just one reason, get hands on the unaffordable, super expensive Robots, that are available in the college. Now everthing else in life is secondary, looks like i have found my calling (After numerous missed calls). Life a few years ago, was boring and monotonous, get up, go to office, slog for someone else, spend on unwanted items after salary. Someone great has said “Don’t let live make you feel old, Learn everyday from the boundless dreams of kids “, i would have to thank my stars , Luckily sister was studying robotics. Once i started hearing the tales of the machines/robots being made by her and in her college, Life gave a reality check. It was the awakening/shock that was so desparately required for rusted heart. It had stopped dreaming, like a rudderless ship in the stormy seas. (Flashback for another time )

Now i can make the robot run/sit/jump/fly :P to my own whims and fancy. Einsteins famous words reverbrates now “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, but the catch is that to make the robot work, i will have to pull in every ounce, burn the midnight oil, bcoz hey its a superexpensive toy :P and not for kids to play with. It is for grownup’s to live up to their very own kiddy dreams.

Next Up : Ognauk Gnauk