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Moving To BOSS Linux

Promote OpenSource Software developed for Indian Languages

The post is the byproduct of ‘Why OpenSource’ blog-series, (read it @ link) it is to promote OpenSource initiatives in India, by providing options in Indian Language for extending access to all segments of society which do not have English literacy.

Current iteration is ver7 Drishti , built by CDAC, India, On top of GNOME Desktop 3.22 .

This blog series will contain the steps i followed to move my daily work from Ubuntu.

For short primer on Linux usage. Head over to link for basics

Setting up Jekyll Github Blog

`sudo apt-get install git ruby-dev g++

sudo apt install libcurl3

sudo dpkg -i atom.deb

git clone

sudo gem install bundler

bundle update

jekyll serve `

Setting up BOSS in a VirtualBox

Next : Setup of Tensorflow for machine Learning