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During medieval times, Kings and Queens and Aristocrats would adorn their head with crowns embedded with precious jewels. This was their was way of symbolising royalty or high stature (Really ? those jewels were result of a war, were humans were sacrificed mercilessly).

History repeats itself, in this day we see large Headphones replacing the crown jewels. Now the status is maintained (really ?) based on the brand of the headphones, for the top of the line BOSE to the omnipresent SONY, headphones rule the roost. I think that, more than sort of status symbol. Its more of a large DND sign (i.e. Do Not Disturb) on the top of people’s head, the kind of large signs of Hotels u see on the roads.

Beware if you try to talk to them, they might bite you taking it as an insult to their silence. I started remembering the cartoons i watched , remember Mickey and Minnie Mouse running around with their two round large ears.

Thank you, all the crownbearers of the 21st century, for the inspiration behind the story and also amusing me every time i see the big headphone.