Miles around the RadRhineWeg


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Rivers have magic in them, they keep feeling all the time. Carrying trees, fish, boats, bodies. Put anything into to it, it will become the river.

All the cities from history & the greatest cities of our time are built on the banks of a great water body.

Bonn is built on the banks of the Rhine. It took me 3+ months to finally see the Rhine promenade from the banks. Just not see the rhine, but walking slowly along the path. Time and miles just disappeared, almost 6kms 3 on each bank of the Rhine.

The scenes being idyllic, it was calming to the heart and body. One loop around both the bridges from the city center.

RhineRadWeg is a 1233km stretch of cycling and walking path, built along both banks of the Rhine. The path spans the entire length/journey of the Rhine in Germany. No wonder there is no visible fat in the locals. Cycling is more than a hobby, its the most preferred way for intra-city travel.

I can now spend 2 hours each week (or more regularly) to walk along the Rhine.

Its calming to the eyes to see the flowing water.