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Moksha is not a place that one wants to reach at the end of one’s life

Moksha is a daily state of being, that one experiences and choose the response wisely at any instant

The Path for Moksha is the life of dharma

Its the easiest way to come closer to achieve moksha. Because with Dharma, its only black and white. One does not have to choose sides,

Liberation from the life and death cycle is possible by simply not continuing ones family line

Scriptures say that Liberation from the cycle is the final step of life

We cheat death, by procreating and making our children do the things that we couldn’t achieve in our time. And force and hit to try to the mould the children the way we want.

By detaching from the responsibilities that are not currently required in the form of marriage and raising kids. One can make enough time to accomplish all the that we dreamed out as kids ourselves

This sentiment is echoed in the developed countries, where