Siddaganga Shivakumar Swamy

After living for such a long time,

He understood that all the misery in the world can be overcome with a good upbringing and practical education.

He put all his efforts to provide wholesome education to million of young impressionable minds. History and future writers of the centuries to come will remember that the greatest contributions to humanity of our time would be his fervent dedication to education through the innumerable institutions he created throughout his life.

Here was and will always be the leading light who we can look upto whenever we are in a dilemma, he will surely show the way in all phase of our life. If your devotion and consequently through your actions are true to him.

Life is very simple, but unconsciously we make it complex and get stressed with the invisible weights.

When our life needs are all basic and our attitude towards others are same and does not depend on the power the person weilds.

Feels like a big weight has disappeared from earth.

Feels hollow.

Taking care of ourselves and our parents. If all of us do that, then the world will not have misery

Following this, We can give our devotion to his life

We should fill his place, otherwise his life would become unworthy

Remember him, whenever u do anything.

He will show the way.