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Once your done with your visa interview and you have decided the university that you will be joining. Its time to book ur flight tickets.

At Bonn. Enrollment begins from the first working day(Mon - Fri ) of the month. On the fourth there will an Introduction/Induction meet for all new students .

Classes start on the 8th Day of the month .

U will require atleast two days for completing administrative work like

  • Enrollment at university
  • Shifting to accomdation
  • Locating routes between university and accomdation
  • Opening bank account

So plan accordingly and book the flight tickets.

The best option is Air India. There is a direct flight from Delhi to Frankfurt at 1300 IST. (Get used to 24 hrs format in Germany)

I booked from ibibo from Blr to Frankfurt. First was a connection flight from Blr to delhi with a 4 hour layover. While booking the ticket choose from ur nearest airport, U will have to load luggage only once. Otherwise you will have to travel till delhi .

It will cost around 19-20k for the Delhi-Frankfurt flight .

For students, Air India allows additional bag of 23 Kg.

Students travelling for the first time. Will get to carry 23*2(normal ticket) + 23(student offer) check-in luggage . In total its 69 Kg.

And 7 Kg cabin luggage.

Initially when u book the ticket it will only 23*2 check-in luggage. I did not find the option Initially in any website.

So to take the additional bag. You need to take your ticket along with ur visa to Air India office in person. They will update the system

The flight is a Boeing Dreamliner. So it will not be a pain like u hear about travelling in air india

There are other options too like lufthansa and emirates. They are comparatively costly and will allow only two check-in bags.

Almost 98% people from my batch chose Air India.