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For german visa interview. Blocked amount of 8640 euros should be deposited in a bank .

The options available are

  • Fintiba
  • Deutsche bank
  • Kotak Mahindra

The best option is through Fintiba because

  • All process are online
  • No need to send any documents to Germany
  • Has english website and mobile app. Can check all status
  • Response will be within 2 days

Deutsche Bank is another option

  • Good option if you know German already.
  • Have to send mail to germany and they will take nearly 15 days to respond
  • Use this if you have lot of time

Kotak Mahindra

  • Please do not use this .
  • Their charges are hidden
  • Their service is pathetic
  • Use this, if you have a lot of time and money to waste

Fintiba and Deustsche both charge 150 euro for one year of blocked Account

Fintiba deducts initially 90 euros and then 5 euros for next 12 months

Deustsche Bank deducts 150 initially

Fintiba Link

I have used fintiba and its really good . after being frustrated with Kotak Mahindra