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There are many banks that you can choose . Most of them transact only in German. If you speak German then your options are more.

I am using below two banks which do transactions in English.

First open account in Commerzbank, as they would require only Passport.

Once you get city registration document, apply for the comdirect account.

Comdirect gives 50 euro joining bonus and 50 euros after 6 months for new customers, who apply with referral link .

  • Commerzbank : On arrival u can immediately take an appointment to open your bank account . Usually it will one week wait for appointment.

    You will require only ur passport. They provide a Giro/EC card which is a debit card and accepted at all the ATM’s and stores across germany without any charges.

    During account opening, request them for a referral/introduction document.

    Both the new customer and referring customer bank account details have to be entered in the document. You can get my account number if you would like me to continue helping :P .

    Only the referring customer will get a bonus.

  • Comdirect : This is a online only bank account. You will get a giro/EC card and also a Visa Card. The visa card is a prepaid credit card, which they will later convert to a credit card based on ur usage and SCHUFA score (Read about SCHUFA score)

Use the below links to apply for the account. Do this only after getting your city registration document.

Comdirect link

Comdirect link2

PS: Commerzbank account and its card can be used at local store.

Comdirect VISA card comes with CVV number, which is required if u want to buy online stuff and do travel bookings.

I spent an entire day asking for a card with CVV and eventually completed payment with my Indian SBI Card by paying additional commission.