Start at the bottom : Facing fears


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Doesn’t it sound a similar tune to most of our feelings

Giving excuses as job, family, illness. We tend to keep to our known path, keeping arms distant away from anything new.

After the events of last year, i had nothing to lose. Actually at that point i felt that i have lost everything and life is done for me. This was me, who thought that losing a job , not having a good salary was everything.

Time takes its time, till the lesson is not learnt. It will grate painfully on the sking causing many unknown problems.

Karma has its way, through various small nudges. I’m at Germany now, doing the things i always wanted to do.

Here i am spinning stories every day, following age old practices with ease. At one point, last year i was scared to even do basic addition.

What i understood/learnt is that each chapter has a start and an end. Some chapters would you happy and some sad. Each chapter will end and new one willl begin.

Life is full of tragedy and comedy Learn to enjoy the comic episode a little more.

All i have to do, is to live today with passion and energy. Yesterday can’t be changed, tomorrow might not arrive.

So today. I took an old path. I went to a place where artists meet for a few hours and sketch whatever comes to their mind. Looking at their sketchbooks was daunting, i felt like someone who doesn’t belong here.

But then, i remembered each of them started from the bottom & with perserverance have climbed each and every step of the ladder to reach the place they are at.

Holding the pencil after many years, it looked alien to the hands typing furiosly since many years. Mind travelled back in time, where it seemed something that should be enjoyed. I had become my own adversity.

Haha, Now i am able to sketch without inhibition. Well, all this is just another avenue for me to start my sketch to build my own rovers, rockets and facilities on Mars and beyond.

What fear is stopping you ?