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I woke up, surprised by a dream. It was an early morning dream, the ones they same come true.

An old lady(she looked alike a kannada actress) told me to make an offering (homa / fire sacrifice) to Anegudde Ganapathi Swamy within 10 days and everything will be sorted out.

She made reference to the deity’s photo kept years ago at my childhood home, it was opposite to the car and tulsi plant.

Coincidently its the same deity that welcome’s everyone to my room. The god removed negative thoughts and impediments when doing any good work . Immediately i mailed my mother ( Ya, the radio silence made its first strike). Over the mails, i was notified that they will be making the offering on the upcoming tuesday at Anegudde.

Somewhere I believe, me closing all comunications allowed another means of communication. The universe has its own way of communicating.

The coveraga is not limited to India, i got the transmission in Europe.

Listen closely to your mind, it is fascinating.