It has been years since the separation. Years of agony, bewilderment, depression, words will have no meaning, it just cant be described

What all has not been done, to forget you.

Hating you , despising you, maligning you, giving you the worst possible names. Why did all that turn to dust.

Because no matter the words,

be it ugly/bad, never had a chance against you.

It was akin to throwing mud at a roaring river, mud would just dissolve.

So pure was the love, not just for one person but to everyone around you.

Meeting you, loving you is a miracle in itself, brought the person out of the gutter.

The time they spent,

the beautiful moments they had between themselves, will definitely be the best time of their lives. Nothing could ever eclipse that .

No power, no riches, no titles, could make give him so much happiness and match the joy of majestic love that was between them. Even then it was for a short while.

When stealing glances at her eyes,

was just as bountiful as finding diamonds every moment .

They held the doorway to another dimension.

There was no I, no we between them. It was nothing and everything.

When his weekends would be to be latched on to the idiot box, she always had something better to do. Some soul to tend to.

Pretty sure, the kids at the school she visited every alternate weekends, will always remember the beautiful miss, who would enthral them every saturday.

Always waiting for the kindred soul who would teach values with so abundance of love & then quietly slip in a toffee as a gift for a job done well.

Nobody asked you,

to do this,

I guess it just came




Like the









When the earth gave away