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Deepavali in Bonn

Happy Deepavali (Belated ofcourse), for most of us, this Deepavali was our first festival after leaving our motherland. Dont get all homesick again. I’m sure we all missed buying flashy new clothes, bursting crackers the entire day on the streets, eating the best food available anywhere on earth. Ahh, who can forget the savoury piping hot dishes. The sweetest dryfruit wali kheer, makhanwali aloo paratha(Can’t have more than one), the amazing Dum Biryani which showed yet again why basmati is the king of all rice variants. Gimme a minute, i’m still licking the phantom biryani on my fingers(Lost in the biryani land), top it with raitha and finally the ultimate Gulab Jamun. (I bet you, no michelen starred resaturant can beat deepavali food). FYI dont leave early yet, there is also a dinner planned, which starts at the end of the event. (You might find some items as mentioned above. You’ll find me putting my tent near the Butter Chicken stand. :P

Ok,Ok. Too much flashback will be boring. Today we’re here to have our very own gharwali deepavali, On the lines of ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakum’ ie. One Global Family. The event is organised by our fellow travellers, bringing together the disparate community into a single beautiful celebration of the festival. By the end of this event, definetly there will be new bonds formed and the existing ones strength with the blessings of diwali.

Now for those of you, who are new to Deepavali celebrations (Can i see a show of hands for anyone who has joined to grace our celebration). Let me give a small recap of the story or the multiple stories that celebrate the Deepavali festival. (Early Tip: Some might think, why do these Indians have so many festivals in a year, well Its just that we like to celebrate with family and dear ones as many times as possible. hey who needs permission to be happy ??.

Deepavali (According to Wikipedia) symbolised ‘Victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance’. Ligting Lamps is mentioned in the Skanda Purana(Written way way earlier.. no date available). As the folklore goes, Deepavali marks the celebration of many events viz.

  1. Krishna’s defeat of Narakasura, whence it symbolised the victory of knowledge and good over ignorance and evil.
  2. It is the day, Ram’s entourage returned to Ayodhya after the victory in Lanka against Ravana

The List is endless, I just need one reason to eat sweets :P.

Today we’ve many events planned for celebrating and enjoying our diversity and culture. Dont be a bore and just watch the events unfold in front of your eyes. Join the dance with any crazy moves (the ones that i secretly try in the mirror when nobody’s looking), be part of the orchestra for the solo singers. All in all have fun today, coz the next one is a year away.

PS: I am grateful for my friends, Old and new. because having two delicious dinners in 3 days was a treat to the senses. (Guess today would be the third). All i did was watch them prepare the dishes and jump into gobbling the dishes as soon they were out of the pan. (Next year, i will prepare something definetly). I cant put all the dishes i had in the two meals here (Sister back home has already a big list to knock me over for all the fun i’m having:P and also a grateful mom and dad who personally thank everyone for feeding their son)

Happy Deepavali