The conversation which led to reveal real reason of deleting WhatsApp

GaganyYatri(GY) : cool, when will u give me invitation ?

Liquidator(LQ) : I’ll send via WhatsApp

GY : ive deleted whatsapp

LQ : Oh yeah I forgot

LQ : Then via messenger

GY : zuckerberg is merging whatsapp + instagram and facebook

LQ : Is he … Interesting

GY : my whatsapp history is amazing. i cant take the risk 😛

LQ : Lol

GY : all my photos. will come up in my wall .

LQ : Haha

GY : i gotta be careful. i am not bezos, who can stop his pics from flooding the internet

LQ : Why would he wanna merge

GY : so that he gets all the information.

GY : FB has support of CIA and FBI.

GY : they can get all the details of every user.

GY : which some group will hack

GY : and misuse and FB gives apology

GY : and our lives our f**ked

GY : ah. now i can write post. Why i deleted whatsapp 😛

LQ : Karma