Death to the Rapists


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Can you stand your ground and win in any of the following scenarios

  • Fist fight with a mother of three : Mary Kom
  • Wrestling match with any of the 3 siblings : Phogat Sisters
  • Come with better human empowerment schemes than a teacher : Sudha Murthy
  • Beat the record for the longest time spent in Space : Sunita Williams
  • Our daily bread maker : Our mothers and countless sisters.

I’m prejudiced with examples i took above.

They are the shining lights in our time . Aren’t they ?

But if you carefully read the last point. It cover’s the entire woman population, more than 48% of the world .

Can you think clearly

Now sit down in one place, what do you see (these days very few read , because there is nothing worth reading about because good editorials dont sell papers). Every few days some monster has done another misdeed and cause misery and disgust to an entire nation. (The entire nation has to bow its head in nation, its responsible for each and every person)

President’s Highest Merit Winner

A girl was humiliated (Not the first and i wish would be the last). I swear i will not use the 4ltter word ever again.

It was done by a set of parents . (Am i mad/blind to make these blatant accusations).

Dont you dare correct me now.

Was it not by a set of worthless boys who should be shot at sight . No no.

They should not get an easy death.

The world has developed so many world class techniques.

  • Waterboarding
  • Splitting nails with rusted nails
  • The classic cut from the middle east
  • The electric chair (No this would be too easy)
  • A slow acting poison

Now whom would you give punishment , if something similar happens.

Every child starts with a clean slate, they will only grow in the image of the people they are brought up by.

According to me, i would first make an example of the parents, who though gave birth to a baby, but are completely responsible for the baby to develop into the monster.

There is large chunk of the population who are denied the love/upbringing due to multiple reasons. All the vagaries of fate.

But the one’s who are responsible for the most horrific/gruesome/vicious attacks on another fellow human, were brought up by someone of their own blood. Stats are not 100%, but they form the majority.

A gentleman will treat another woman with respect, only when he is brought up by a queen he worships

The question i would like for u to answer to urself is

  • Will you still blame the govt (current and previous ones) for these Monsters
  • Will you still blame the police for not doing their job
  • Will you still blame the other gender for wearing different clothes and travelling at night

Or will you

  • Slap these monsters when you see them doing wrong things at a young age
  • Teach your kids, how to be polite and respect others
  • Teach children that movies are just fiction and they should not follow they ruffians that they see on the screen
  • Will you be a role model to your own child and follow decency and obey laws

Or will you

  • Ignore your own child, by not giving good education at home
  • Ignore your progeny, by washing your hands off sending them to a prestigious and expensive school and expect the teachers to teach everything in class
  • Ignore an extension of your life/your own dreams by
    • giving money immediately when they ask without asking why
    • by giving them mobile phones, bikes, cars and credit card without teaching them what it should be used for

I have done my share of mistakes, i do not proclaim that i am a saint and i could never be(I could if i want to :P)

My parents never stopped me or my sister from doing anything , but then there were some strict rules, that i had to and followed till i moved out of my hometown for work

  • I did not go out for trips with friends

    (Karma is a bitch, just once i went out on a nearby roadtrip. All my 4 friends have come back from the dead after surviving a high speed crash)

  • I would always have to be back at home by 10 pm(by 5 till i reached 10th grade) everyday .

    (There was a few exceptions like b’day celebrations , well i still get an earful even now when i am not on time when i visit home. ).

no matter how old i grow , how much i earn, whatever great positions i take .

To them, I will always be the small helpless baby that they first saw after birth .

I did get my first bike at 21 (I did not have a bicycle till then :P) in my final year engg. They gave me the keys and never told me how to use it.

But then not all things have to be said. It needs to be understood

I was paid Rs. 200 per month for petrol and that was it. It was good enough to cover 4km travel to college.

I recently sold my bike after 6 years. Something i feel is important to mention

  • It had covered 27000 km mileage
  • It was not involved in any kind of accident
  • It did not have any penalties.
  • I never did a wheelie, never did a stoppie, never was part of a drag race .
  • I always reached my destination in time , though i was called a sloth for my slow driving
  • I never had to pay for damages
  • I never asked money for vehicle service,
  • I never asked for additional money for petrol

I could have done all the things that other kids do. But then i saw the struggles and sacrifices my parents did for getting me a bike. I had to be grateful for the gift and live up to their expectations.

I will stop gloating now. I am sure we were all brought up by wonderful parents, all of us have great and amazing stories about the sacrifices our parents made for us.

But then why ?
  • Is a girl child not allowed to travel at night
  • Is a girl child not allowed to wear the clothes she wants
  • Is a girl child not allowed to pursue her dreams, which most parents squash by getting them married. (More on this later. Come back in 2 days)

Is it because they were born as girls

Where is the issue ?
  • The girls ?
  • The boys ?
  • The teachers ?
  • The police ?
  • The doctor ?
  • Current Trending favorite : The government ?
The problem is with parents .

I beg all the parents and all the parents to be . Please give a little time for the growth of your child.

Do not let it become a monster and a scourge of the society.

Your duty

Your duty does not vanish by giving birth to another life on earth,

It does not vanish when you send it to an expensive and prestigious school.

The child will always follow and imitate what it sees at home everyday.

Whom should we hang now for the humiliation that is faced by so many of our sisters, mothers, relatives

Who can stop the death of society ?

Please think again for heavens sake

Can you ?

P S: I sometimes wonder, Should i bring a child of my own into this world.

Will it become a monsters learning from the other Monsters.

It seriously, makes me think, Will i ever give my child the life it should get.