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By multiple experiences , i’ve to the belief/understanding that God needs to call you for him to show his presence. The omnipresence being will manifest when the circumstances are right. Now it doesn’t happen, when the self is idle or in pursuit of materialistic possessions.

After surviving a personal turmoil last year, it was created by myself over the years of being distracted and not giving things thier due. History i.e. life in particular always works in a circle/cycle. I came to the conculsion that, without releasing what i am doing and for what i am doing it for, i was heading to a doom of my own making.

Now each of us have our own way and experiences to follow some process to fix a broken thing. For me it was to simplify and slow down, what Marie Kondo says keeps only things that give joy and declutter things that do not mean anything. First and foremost rule was to tidy up my surroundings and maintain it diligently.

I remember Gandhi’s words, “My Life is My Message”, now cleaning room everyday twice was totally new for me, home was swept twice a day before, but i never took part in it and was a distracted observer.

Earlier it was difficult to broom the room, because most of the things were in disarray. I started to first move every item in my immediate sight to the cupboards. Now my living area was completely devoid of any item.

Next based on the item that i required, i took it and kept it back in the original place. Now this is not something startlingly new, Appa always told to follow this everytime, but like most teenage, not following his advice is the hip thing to do. Someone said is perfectly “You will only realise the importance of your elder’s(Mom, Appa etc) words only once you become an elder “. Now i haven’t had a kid yet, but living independently in bonn now for the first time after 27 years. Its a revelation.

Now as the surrounding got super empty, there was still no peace of mind. Thoughts of the future (named as anxiety), pains of the past(cannot be changed) was completely destroying the present and was like paralysis. Now if you add the social media and instant communication to this mix, its a disaster in waiting.

Now past pains will keep revisting, journalling them and venting out (thanks to Robin sharma), i could finally let go of the past miseries. Now journalling sounds old fashioned in the days of instagram and facebook. Mind you, the only common thread of all the great humans to have walked on earth maintained this one single task everyday. I know quite many friends who have diaries since a quite many years, i also remember what sudha murthy said in one of her books, her mother had would make all the children to write down all they did during the day when they went out for excursions. Now not to sound crude, just look at the royalties she deserves from her books, she has so many stories to tell and there is magic in her writing.

Wait, Wait, if your question is , what does this have to do with the title of the post. I’m coming down to it shortly.

Now my travels in Germany are mostly pointing towards solo, with a light pack on my back. Now the most lightweight device is a notebook and a pen. It costs next to nothing and i can carry everywhere, without a worry of losing it and paying another fortune to get it back. So my smartphone(which tries everytime, to make me dumb), powers off and slides back in the cupboard.

This move has given me enough to pursue activities that earlier i would spend time inecessantly on the phone without any development other than for the companies.

Now that i had time in frankfurt (this was my second trip in 10 days), 2nd time because the first time, i had not completed my formalities in the embassy to setup my company in India. At 1800h, i decided to go to Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Frankfurt. Now scrambling in the tram, i saw that i had 3 mins to catch a feeder bus to my destionation. Now this bus operates every 30 mins, out of the station, i saw the Bus on the other side of the road, i ran towards the next stop so that i dont end up waiting in a bus stop for 30 mins in 6 degrees. As luck would have it, i took another allee looking for the H sign for Bus stops, but fate had other sequence for me and the bus took a different route. Phew i was like, if only i had read the map properly i could have anticipated the bus route.

Now from the lokalbahnof stop, the next bus was after 30 mins and i could walk the 2.2km on foot. Finally taking the route with muscles, i got the bus after walking half the distance. Now unlike in India, where there are advertisements dotting all over the place. The temple was in a street , in peace with the neigborhood. I was disheartened to find the entrance gate locked and after deciding to walk back, i head Shirdi Hari asking me if i wanted to visit the abode of Shirdi Sai Baba. Now this was the chance encounter, Hari just returned in time before i would’ve departed. I was muttering to myself, that maybe i need to come another time to visit again. I considered the journey as a penance to bad karma, fortunately Sai Baba had other plans. He made his devotee Hari return in time.

The time spent there, took me back in time to the abode of Shridhar Swami in Vardhalli,Shimoga. The silence is deafening here, you can literally and figuratively hear the drop of a pin. It was the same atmosphere here awaiting me in frankfurt. With wood burning slowly in the fireplace, it was warm and quiet. Something that my mind and body required immediately. Herein lies the solutions, as sadhguru says ‘the human body is capable of healing itself, if you observe it keenly and nurture it in the right way’ .

Now what happened next in the temple, will warrant a post of its owm .

coming soon in a day, the delight in the air was breathtaking .