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Now that you’ve got an admit, almost waiting for Visa. Where do u stay on arrival ? Hopefully you got this thought atleast 2-3 days before arrival.

If you are planning to study in either Koln or Bonn and like majority of us searching for economical rooms. Studentenwek Bonn is your best bet.

Apply immediately after getting admit at Link , check your mail box (Especially Spam folder) for the reconfirmation mail. Now the waiting starts till you get contacted by them , make sure that u keep getting mails everymonth for reconfirming your request.

Now in UniBonn, some departments like Informatik handle the booking of rooms on behalf of the students. Make sure you have replied in the affirmative (yes) in the admit acceptance mail. Two months before you arrive you might be asked to make a deposit . The supply-demand ratio is entirely skewed, so make sure you make the payment immediately. It is first come first serve basis.

Now, if your in the 50% of students who usually don’t get dorm Accommodation in the first few months. Start looking for private Accommodation if u get a negative response from Studentenwek.

All the links are available at the end of the post. Make sure you write a proper email (preferably in German (Use Google Translate)) stating your requirement. The more you write about yourself and which can be validated easily online increases the chances of getting a response.

Beware of Scammers ,

Now students beware, you will get a lot of responses from Scammers. They will you show good photos of rooms, quote less price and then ask for deposit to be done for booking. They will inform that keys and contract will be sent through courier as they are out of state.

Please do not fall for this trap, these scammers are very smart and will give you 108 reasons to make it sound genuine. Under no circumstance make initial deposit, incase u do, then nobody can help.

Some cases are genuine ( I did make an initial deposit) but after my friend physically verfied the room and got a signed acknowledgment .

Temporary Stay on Arrival day

Max (Maxstrasse) Hostel is the cheapest place incase u arrive late night/ This place is best option for a night stay with all your baggage, next day you can shift .

Links available in drive : Link