Why The Jump


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Everyday looked the same, wakeup, get ready for office, ( travel same road for 3+ years), sit in cubicle for 10+ hours. Return home late. if tired == sleep/watch movie else read books

Though initially, worked seemed great, after all it was a “programming gig” ( ego booster)

New experience was coming in bucketloas, be it new people, new ideas, totally differently styles( All in code terms )

Every few months, a release of product would loom. These were intense moments, work hard so that , the tag as “Not done “ label would not be attached. Eventually these led to burnouts.

The joy of going to work was certainly diminishing, the connect itself was lost, work was just a means to pay the bills for financial stability.

Longing was for a small break, such that i could try out something new, coding for the same company was good enough, eventually the work that was offered was not tempting enough, gone were the days of latenight office cram. Product was going through another rework, as i was part of earlier rework, it was a no brainer to do the same stuff all over again.

Mind started straying around to look for new opportunities( job hopping), it was not all rosy, quite a few rejections made to realise that its a rapidly evolving field, ( Remembered th line from Alice In WonderLand - “My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.”) .

Just when reserves were about to dry, an opportunity emerged and it was time to move on.

With all these running, there was this voice speaking -

  1. What will be your masterpiece ?
  2. Will your life be just a speck of dust in the sands of time ? Sleepless nights, pondering over which field to get into, These last 4 years working for a company, everything belonged to them, all i had was a name/position, it was not fulfilling anymore.

During the transition phase, one more discrete oppportunity arrived, it was full of promise, something that can make considerable impact. SWOT matrix came into play and everything started looking like a rainbow. Pros : Less frenetic pace , new field , loads of time Cons : Cut in pay , comparatively frugal lifestyle( does it really matter)

Present Day. The jump is taken, no looking back, completely out of comfort zone but an absolutely exhilarating experience. Time to delve deep into the pit, the foundation needs to be revisted. One thing is for sure : ##To The Victor, Goes The Spoils