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Q. Where do u see yourself in 5 years ?

A. I want to open my own company and build something exciting.

Tid Bits of a conversation , some 4 years ago after first appraisal with Mr. Gopalkrishna at Subex.

Back then, Just one year into the company. It was a great feeling.

Getting the top grades(My best grades), getting (loads of) money for the first time after 22 years, for one’s own grit and determination.

Looking back now, It has been an amazing journey. With its up’s and down’s, like an ECG , gratefully life has been a great leveller.

Now, Today, There is no regrets of the past, finally everything makes sense. Each ebb have been a lesson to learn. Some repeated to teach again for me to realise and understand.

There is no fear about the future. Come what may, anything will be faced, conquered. Defeated and bruised, the battle scars will be a testament to the risks taken.

Each Day now, begins with a clean slate. I can do and fill the canvas called life with the little dreams i dreamed and make them reality.(Thankful for my parents who do not show their worry).

Every morning truly feels like a present .

There is 2 years of Master Study (7 quarters left), where along with the proforma taught in university.

It is also an opportunity to spread my wings to whatever life has to offer, Some day i will have to land, but till then , Into the Wild.

Welcome my second baby.

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