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part 2 from bonn

Bonn was the capital of West Germany for 40+ years and later Berlin became capital of unified Germany

5 modes of public transport available
  1. Dedicated bicycle lane on every available surface Road
  2. Underground and surface tram Called u-bahn and s-bahn
  3. Bus transport connectivity to all locations
    1. High speed trains, Superfast IC trains, fast RE and RB trains 5. Private vehicle travel like cars
Preference on the road
  1. Pedestrian
  2. Cyclists
  3. Tram
  4. Bus
  5. Private vehicle
To get a driving license
  1. Takes minimum 6 months
  2. Have to clear theory subjects which include providing first aid assistance in case of emergency
  3. Practical exam can only be taken if the certified driving tutor is assured completely of ur driving ability and traffic knowledge.
  4. It costs minimum 1500 euros to clear the tests if u are outstanding driver. it is Rs 1.2 lakhs.

Now u might criticise

for the super expensive cost

for a driving license.

But in my ongoing 3 months stays in Bonn Germany,
  1. I have not witnessed a single pedestrian accident
  2. There is no indiscriminate honking when there is a traffic jam 3. No signal jumping
  3. Every single citizen follows the traffic rules
  4. Pedestrian cross roads at zebra crossing, no Jay walking
  5. Traffic signs are visible and each lane is correctly marked
  1. When everyone follows traffic rules, there will be no traffic Jam
  2. When public infrastructure is on time and comfortable. Private vehicle ownership is reduced

Being a student, With a 300 euro pass for 6 month.

I can travel the entire state of NRW using the public transport (except IC) And I reach every place on time.


is an amazing mobile app which I use to plan my travel,

We need to build our traffic sense first,
Infrastructure alone cannot solve problems